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It has been a couple of weeks, as I have recently been very busy. That won’t change soon, but the weekend affords more time to be able to write. As such, this week I’m writing about what I was going to post a couple Fridays ago. I was reading recently about a theory on the […]

A few weeks ago, a friend won an overnight stay for two to AirlieĀ and, without time to be able to use it, gave the certificate to me. After contacting the front desk and making reservations, I was only able to get a room with a full size bed with the promise that I would be […]

It has been quite a week, and thus nothing was posted during the week. I’ve had interviews, rehearsals, books to read, and other writing projects on which I’ve been working. Next week, I’ve got a couple ideas for some good posts, so expect something Monday, and probably Thursday. Stay tuned…