My mother was military, so we moved around a lot. That never really left my system as I went to college, graduated, and took work where I could get it. I’ve started the process of settling down a little, as I have some good friend where I live and a great relationship.

When I chose my majors for undergraduate and graduate school, I had the great idea in mind that I wanted to become an FBI agent and help track down serial killers and, in general, “bad guys”. That did not happen. I have since worked in the mental health and substance abuse fields, but have grown weary of only being able to affect change on an individual (micro-) level and have felt the pull to work on macro-level change. As such, going back to something which I enjoyed when I was younger, and finally giving into another pull I’ve had off and on for the better part of 15 or more years, I have started The Buchanan Files to hopefully bring about news of things that can possibly change the world.