On Fear, Part Two: Fear and Power

Take a look at the title of this post again. What are you thinking? There are a couple different aspects of fear and power that come to mind for me. Before discussing specific ways I see these two things interacting, let me discuss the broad scope of their interaction that I see, and you probably have, as well.

In a general sense, as I talked about in my first post on fear, fear keeps us from feeling powerful. However, instead of feeling the fear and overcoming it, we seek out tools to help us feel powerful instead. We do things against others to help us feel powerful instead. We block out everything we fear to help us feel powerful instead. We do everything except face the fear, accept it, and overcome it. Some examples of what I’m saying would be:

a bully who puts down others to feel powerful because they feel weak at home and are afraid of the abuse they receive. They abuse others to regain their power.

the person who avoids going out because going out makes them feel afraid, but when they stay in, they control the world immediately around them.

the person who fears for their or their family’s safety and buys a gun for protection. The gun provides a source of power and helps them not feel afraid.

When we feel fear, we feel weak. Rather than be okay with that and rise above it to become stronger, we seek something from outside of us to help us feel strong. However, it’s not really becoming strong, it’s just an illusion. This makes fear a powerful tool for those who are facing a fear of their own. Often times, when people come to power, they fear losing that power. As such, they will utilize fear to keep a hold of that power.

Fear is used as a tool by those in power constantly. It’s used by dictators who control every facet of media they can paint the image of a world falling apart and they are the only ones keeping it together. It’s used by politicians who make enemies of friends, neighbors, and family, by saying things that equate to “If they aren’t with us, they are against us.” It’s used by those who have assaulted or sexually assaulted by threatening further harm or death if the victim speaks up.

Fear, if we let it, controls us, and allows those who would do harm to control us. If we are divided as a people, we can’t rise up against the dictator or the assailant. If we let fear control us, we buy into the stories that paint a picture of a world of adversaries rather than a world of friends. If we let fear be a tool to those in power who wish to wield it as a weapon of sorts so they stay in power, then the world will never change.

We must be able to feel the fear, but let go of it. We must be able to let fear in and use it as our personal tool to make us ACTUALLY stronger, instead of seeking things to help us feel stronger because of fear. We must let love be the winner and not fear. When we are able to do that, then we can see the world as it is, and seek to change it for the better.

Fear will always lead to change for the worse.

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