Merry Christmas, a little late…

I’m writing very early in the morning as I’ve been messing around with getting things organized on the site. I think I’m ready to write more again. I apologize for delays. It’s now 12/27, but I had a thought on Christmas day that I wanted to put down to…well, not paper, but you get my meaning. My thoughts as of two days ago will be written in present tense.

Today is 12/25/17. On 12/25/16, I was two months removed from employment. Two months into a journey which I had never really been on for that long before. You see, every other time I was without a job, and really wanted one, it took me two weeks or less to be hired somewhere else. I say really wanted one because there were times I had no job and had no money, but the prospect of a job just to pay the bills was something with which I was uncomfortable. So, two months into a process that had previously taken me no more than two weeks, with no end in sight. However, it was Christmas, I had money from unemployment, and even though I was searching and coming up empty, I wasn’t worried.

Halfway through 2017, unemployment was running out, so my journey, still unemployed from a full-time job, turned me to part-time employment and an employment agency. This had me working, making money to pay the bills, but no so much that I had the benefits that full-time employment has. You know some of the story if you’ve read this blog, because that was the start of me writing.

Since I haven’t written about it, you don’t know that 11 months to the day of me losing my previous job, I finally started a new one. Lots of benefits, increased pay from the last job, and more fulfilling so far, and, as of today, I’m only three months in.

Why do I write this? Why was I thinking about it? Well, on December 25, 2016, I had no idea how distraught I would get. I’m the happy-go-lucky person who sees the good in everything. I never would have imagined it would take me 11 months. But on December 25, 2017, I’m certainly glad it did. Having the time to think and plan helped a whole lot, and if I had something else going on, I might have missed the opportunity I am in right now.

Patience is a virtue, they say, and I thought I had been blessed with an abundance of it. But my patience hit critical mass, and that’s when something came up, out of the blue. Something I didn’t initially apply to as I didn’t think I was qualified. A friend suggested I apply, so I did, and here I am now, three months into whatever happens next.

Never give up. Be patient. Sometimes opportunity comes knocking for you…

Merry Christmas


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