On Hatred, Revisited

Today, I am broken. On Saturday, August 12, 2017, as you may have heard by now, a planned rally labeled “Unite the Right” descended upon the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. Some episodes of violence broke out prior to the permitted time and the rally was hence deemed an “unlawful assembly”. In the hours after that, many counter-protestors were beaten by “white supremacists,” “neo-Nazis,” “alt-righters,” whatever label you wish to put on them. The worst of these attacks was when a man decided to use a car as a weapon of mass destruction killing one woman and injuring 19 others in a terrorist act.
Today, I am broken. In the time since this tragic event happened, I have read many things. I have read about cheers from the people when the organizer of the event was punched when making a statement. I have read about how people were bussed into town with one agenda or another. I have read how members of ANTIFA incited violence prior to the time of permitted assembly in a successful attempt to make it “unlawful”. I have read how members of one white-supremacist group goaded people into the location where the man with the car was waiting, possibly meaning a coordinated attack.
Today, I am broken. I try to not let what other people think of me bother me. I try to never let what others could think of me stop me from saying things I feel need to be said. However, in the days since, I have read many people’s opinions and thoughts on the matter, many of whom are my friends. In the past couple of days, I have started to write posts and deleted them without posting because they run counter to my friends’ thoughts and posts, and I have allowed the fear that they will not like me anymore to keep me from posting.
Today, I am broken because I have allowed that fear to keep me from saying what I believe in my heart to be true. I have seen it posted that “they hate us and want to kill us because we’re black, LGBTQ, etc, we hate them and want them dead because they believe that”. I said it months ago in my first post on hatred. Hate is hate. Violence is violence. There is no such thing as righteous hate. “They” believe they are righteous in their beliefs. I can understand anger and fear. I can understand not wanting the “hate” to rise up again. I can not, to the core of my being, believe that anything justifies that level of hatred. If you can not understand that hatred to the point of wanting someone dead is not the same as hatred to the point of wanting someone dead, then hate has gripped your heart.
If you must hate, hate their ideas. Hate what they stand for and how they hope to achieve it. Use that hate to work against it and create a world where that hate doesn’t exist because love has taken its place. Otherwise, hatred wins, and hatred winning under the guise of love is more than I can bear.

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