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I’ve only had one lucid dream in my life. For any who may not know, a lucid dream is essentially a dream in which you are aware you are dreaming. It is said that it allows access to a part of your brain you can’t access while awake. It is also said you can then control your dream and do just about anything you want.

So, in this lucid dream, I don’t recall how I became aware I was dreaming, but once I did, I went to this fancy circular room with pictures hanging on the walls. The scene was pretty much one from a very fancy aristocratic house with many doors. I’m going to call it my subconcious mind, but within this room was a gentleman who was dressed like one would expect a butler to be dressed who asked me what I would like to do. I made my requests, and one by one they were filled with slight distortions, or, at the very least, not exactly what I was expecting.

My subconcious informed me that I must be very specific in order to get what I want and do what I want there. As I continued to make requests, the room filled up with people who all began to laugh at me and bully me because I didn’t know what I was doing. At some point in all the laughter and feeling ashamed and horrified, I woke up and began pondering the meaning of my subconcious mind laughing at and berating me.

I have not had a lucid dream since, though I have wanted to return to keep trying things out. The reason I bring this up is because a couple days ago, I had a semi-lucid dream. I was not necessarily aware within the dream that I was actively dreaming, but I entered a dark construct (think the Matrix construct where they load the programs), and began creating many things which began to attack me. I fought to wake up, and remember opening my eyes briefly, and being pulled back into the dream construct. Where things went from there, I don’t remember.

While I do remember having sagas in my dreams (where stories continued over many nights), and being able to visit dreamscapes again by actively thinking about them whil falling asleep when I was younger, I do not recall ever feeling like I was being dragged back into a dream. I have even had the kinds of dreams where you wake up from a dream, to realize you are still in a dream.

All this is to say, I have always truly wondered what role dreams play, as in my experience, it can’t be simply recording of daily events into memory. I wonder if we will ever find out.

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