13th Doctor

I am a big fan of just about everything science fiction. I do not recall when I was introduced to Doctor Who, but I know that 10 is my favorite Doctor, and have seen every episode since 9, some multiple times. As with every TV show which re-invents itself, change is inevitable and often unwelcome. I love change because I get bored with old stuff quite easily. There are some things that I can do over again: watch some movies, play some video games, drive the same car, work a good job. Qualities of things like that reach a part of me that enjoys the feeling they give, like reliving how you felt when you first read a great book. Or, they are simply practical…who wants to pay for a new car every year?

I digress. Today, the 13th Doctor was announced to be Jodie Whittaker, a woman for the first time in Doctor Who history. While I love Doctor Who, I am not one of those kinds of fans who lock into a certain thing and hate it, at least before giving it a shot. I love the idea of a woman Doctor since River Song first came on the scene with her powerful presence.

Many people have said that they consider Doctor Who to be over because of this. Some even stating “I’m not sexist, but…”. This is asinine. I have only two problems with Jodie Whittaker being the new Doctor, and both are silly and will work themselves out. The first is that I’ve been waiting for the Doctor to be ginger since 10’s first moments where he takes a look at his hair color and says “Still not a ginger” as if he really wants to be. The second is that I have recently been binge watching Broadchurch, and right now all I can see Jodie Whittaker as is Danny’s Mom.

In reaction to the first silly thing, I guess there’s always 14. To the second, it will be a while before the new series will air, and plenty of time to get Broadchurch out of my head. I’m also sure that a few episodes in, and I’ll only be able to see her as the 13th Doctor.

Until then,

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