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Happy Monday!

Today, I bring you an excerpt from an unfinished novel I wrote awhile ago (around Y2K). It remains incomplete as words written became true, and due to the time frame of the story, it is no longer relevant. However, I felt, since I have started this blog, posting previous work will help me advance current work and feed into the creative process.

The premise of the story is a focus around a central character, John, as he meets a group gathered to fight a great evil which manifests and tries to plunge the world into chaos every 5000 years. It involves some fantasy and science fiction, and if I were to write it now, I would probably go into more detail on a great many things without being so simplistic about the imagery. Unfortunately, my second novel is locked behind a password I have long forgotten.

An excerpt:

John began feeling strange. He began to see something. All of a sudden he was standing in an open field. The sky was blue with no clouds. It was the most peaceful place he had ever been. “Hey, what happened?” he asked to the air. “Where am I?” Of course he expected no answer. Somehow he knew what this place was. He had been here before, when he was younger. He looked toward the tree in the distance. He began walking toward it. Underneath the tree he saw a red-checkered blanket and a picnic basket. Then he saw his mother come from around the tree. She was beautiful. She had dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. John never could remember his parents. Now that he was here, he remembered this day. It was a week before the accident. They had gone to this field for a picnic. His parents fell in love here, and married here, right under this tree. There he was, running around the tree. John just stared at his mother and himself. He fell to his knees and covered his eyes.

He uncovered his eyes. He was standing now, and he was standing alongside a highway. “How did I get here?” he thought. Then he noticed a car. He could barely see inside, but he saw his parents inside. His father driving, his mother in the passenger seat. They were on their way home. Then he saw another car. The car was swerving all over the road. It was heading toward his parents’ car. He turned his head towards his parents’ car. It’s strange, he hadn’t even been there at the time, but here he was watching the event unfold. John screamed, “Nooooooo!” as his parents’ car collided head on with the other vehicle.

Back in the training room the chaos began. Something was wrong. John’s mind had overwhelmed the computer. Now they had to find some way to get him out. The chair had begun to short-circuit. If they didn’t get him out soon, the circuits would send too much electricity to John’s body and kill him. Jack yelled, “Try to shut down the computer! We have to disrupt the signal.” Matthew ran over to the main computer and brought up the program. He touched the screen on shutdown. Another screen popped up saying “Not Responding.” Matthew ran to the chair and unscrewed a panel on the lower backside. He removed a circuit breaker and replaced with another. He ran back to the computer and clicked shutdown. The chair stopped.

John was standing at the site of the accident. He walked up to the cars and looked in one. It was the other driver; he was still alive, barely. John leaned over and could smell the alcohol on his breath. He walked over to the other vehicle. He saw his mom leaning over toward the center console. She was bleeding from her head. He checked her pulse, there was none. She was dead on impact most likely. He checked his father, still breathing. He was breathing heavy and John could tell there was liquid in his lungs. He would die soon. John could only sit and watch as his dad passed on. There was a flash of light. He could feel himself being pulled away from this place. He could now feel himself sitting down, his eyes blindfolded. He was being unstrapped.

Whoa, we almost lost you there, John.” said Mike. “The system began to malfunction. What happened?”

John replied, “I saw my parents get killed in an accident. I wasn’t even there when it actually happened, but I saw it. How is that?”

Every event in time can be recalled by the human mind. We don’t exactly know how this is, but it happens. Some say all events occur at once, we just perceive time because it’s easier that way.”

So I can recall a day when the dinosaurs ruled the earth? Or go back to when JFK was assassinated?”

Yes, but only in the mind. There is no way to go back and change events, as far as we know. You can only watch them as they happen.

There may be more of this coming in the next few weeks, though I have found myself cringing while re-reading this material; The prose and tenses are all over the place, and I find myself shuddering at how simple the writing is compared to most of my other work.

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