Lethal Weapon

The original movie with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is something amazing and loved by many, and revered by the same friend who gave me the name I use for this blog. We both love all four of the movies, and, when the TV series was announced for FOX, I was reluctant to watch. Mostly reluctant due to the many TV shows based off of movie which have been so horribly done: Rush House being a case in point.

I watched the first episode of the season, and rarely have I seen something which took the original and built it up to possibly be even better than the memories. The episode did well enough to hit some of the points of the first movie, but not line for line, and not even completely mimicking the original like so many shows made from movies tend to do. Often times these shows try to capture the chemistry of the original movie and fall far short of that into a sort of forced chemistry that the audience knows doesn’t feel right.

Enter Lethal Weapon. From the first episode and throughout the series, Damon Wayans’ Murtaugh and Clayne Crawford’s Riggs speak to a similar chemistry. Paired with the writing which pays homage to the movies while building more depth that a TV series can afford and also desperately needs, I can say that I have been quite pleased by the final product. Every episode makes you love the characters more, and not just Riggs and Murtaugh.

I really don’t want to write too much about this show because I feel like you need to watch it to really feel it. No description of each of the characters does it justice. I will say this, however: The background story for Riggs is heartbreaking and Crawford’s performance is spectacular. Except for a character which, maybe thankfully, isn’t utilized for the last few episodes¬†(you’ll know who I mean), the show really hits a beat that is rare these days.

I highly recommend watching it. My friend didn’t watch it at first, but I told him he should give it a shot, and he has loved it ever since. He’s even convinced others who were reluctant as well who have gone on to convince others to watch. The first season just finished up, so I’m sure you can find it on Fox, or Hulu, and in a couple months probably many other places. I know I will be looking forward to Season 2.


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