A new dawn

Good morning,

I know there are plenty of people who hate Mondays because they end the weekend and you’re forced to go back to work and deal with the doldrums that accompany dealing with your job. I have had that time in my life where I was burned out at my job and despised Mondays. However, most of my life I treated it like any other day.

I have pondered for quite some time on people looking forward to the weekends and dreading Monday for some time. I feel like most people, due to this feeling of having to work, spend their life anticipating a time of freedom instead of living in today. It’s true, some people have others in their lives who ask the question, “How was work today?” or “Did you have a good day?” but we rarely stop to ask ourselves those questions. We look at work as a negative thing because we realize that living costs money which can only be made with time devoted to some menial tasks. We learn that our self worth is only in how much we make or how much we own, and even in how we look to others.

I’m curious then, how the world would be if people could wake up and look at today as a new day. Not as a day of the week, but as another day to see what life brings. There’s a movie that I have come to love called About Time that I think everyone has to see at least once. Sure, it’s a little bit of a rom-com, but the premise is this: a guy learns he can travel in time to any point in his life. There’s a point where he begins to live each day twice: once, to live it with all the stresses and worries of each day, and once, to relive the day without all the stresses because he knows what is going to happen. It is on this second passing that he is able to notice all the little things and make the days a little more fun.

Now, we can’t live each day twice (well, maybe someone out there can), but I call on you to take a look around you throughout the day. Find some enjoyment in it. We have this life that we are given and it was not meant to stress over. Sing along with the radio in the car. Notice how beautiful the low hanging clouds look as they pass by you. Feel the warmth of the sunshine and take it in. Learn how to see life for the gift it is. When you do that, some powerful things can happen inside you.

Then you may be able to wake up tomorrow morning and just enjoy the new dawn.


Good day everybody,


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