Hello, and welcome to The Buchanan Files.

Firstly, I’d like to explain that my name is not Buchanan. The anonymity of the Internet being what it is, I’m sure it won’t take long for someone who really would like to know my real name to find it out. However, Buchanan has developed into a kind of nickname/persona thanks to one of my great friends in this life (and as we happen to believe many others), and so it was chosen due to the greatness of the name.

Secondly, I’d like to say that I have no clue if this will become anything, but I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for over a decade, and always shrugged it off because I’ve been afraid to put myself out there. The fact that I’ve gone forward at this point in time is testament to my desire overcoming my fear, though there remains some fear, the balance has swung into the “just do it” side of the courage/fear spectrum for now. I am sure that the longer this goes on, the more I will be likely to post.

Thirdly, and regarding posts, I have ideas for what I want this to be, and it may branch out, it may gain better focus as time goes on. That being said, my focus will be on bringing good programs with good outcomes to light, as well as any projects which may create a great change in the world. I also enjoy travel, so there will probably be some travel posts here and there. I promise to keep it light-hearted, and as accurate as possible on information, and my primary focus on programs will be on outcomes data. For instance, my idea for my first major post is on Housing First. When I speak about outcomes data with regards to Housing First, I am not referring to the simple question of “How many homeless people remain?” I want to know what good the agenda did. What has become of the formerly homeless? Have they gotten jobs? Are they living more fulfilled lives? What percentages of formerly homeless return to homelessness, or move on to self-sustained lives? The questions could be plenty, and they may be difficult if these programs are not tracking that kind of information. For right now, I have no idea how long each of these programs will take to investigate and get the information I seek. I don’t know if one per week is realistic, but again, it is a learning process, and I hope you’ll stick around with me through this.

Lastly, I’ve had conversations with people in the past when the lottery has reached over half a billion that what I’d love to do with the money, if I won, was start a company that would seek out projects and programs that could change the world and provide grants to help them to achieve their goals. When I began to shift career focus recently from an individual level focus to a policy, greater level focus, the idea for what to do with my blog came from that initial thought of what to do with a large sum of money. Finally, after years of having the idea of writing a blog and putting it off again and again, here is something I can write about and love looking into. Join me on this journey, and maybe this world can become the better place we all feel it can be.

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